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Road safety challenges with upcoming solar eclipse

Southern Ontario, part of Quebec and Eastern Canada Regions will have the opportunity to witness a rare solar eclipse in the afternoon of Monday, April 8, 2024.

While extremely fascinating, this astral event will cause visual distraction and sudden night-like conditions in mid-afternoon, possibly taking drivers by surprise and leading to road safety challenges.

Some communities also expect a high number of tourists seeking the best location to view the total eclipse, generating higher than unusual traffic volumes, slowdowns and congestion in some areas.

Whether you will be driving on the path of a partial or total solar eclipse on that day, we encourage all drivers to take the following precautions:

  • Avoid looking directly at the sun (sunglasses, tinted windows/windshield will not protect your eyes properly. Looking directly at the sun can cause serious and irreversible eye damage)
  • Do not wear eclipse glasses while driving
  • Do not take pictures or videos of the eclipse while driving
  • Do not stop on the roadway or shoulder of the road to view the eclipse. Always park in a safe area
  • Ensure your headlights are on
  • Watch closely for pedestrians as there will be more than usual
  • Inform yourself ahead of time of traffic management and detours in place for that day, and plan your route accordingly

Plan ahead to see if you will be in an area affected by the eclipse on April 8. You can refer to the Canadian Space Agency to see the path of the solar eclipse.

Please share this information with all your members in the road transportation sector so everybody can enjoy the solar eclipse, while maintaining safe road conditions.