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Unifor has joined more than 50 trade unions representing road transport drivers around the world calling for “Safe Rates” systems, which will improve workers’ rights and make roads safer.

Unifor identifies the current issues that reduce pay and undermine safety:

  • DHL route shortening for owner-operators significantly reduces their pay.
  • School Bus sector is facing driver supply shortages.
  • Cash In Transit companies are reducing workers per vehicle.
  • Intermodal trucking contracting-out to lower waged companies.
  • Lack of equitable access to bathroom facilities for drivers and operators.
  • Increased insurance costs across the industry.
  • Digital platform companies (or tech companies) misclassifying workers to avoid regulation.

Evidence shows that pay increases as little as 10% can reduce accidents by 30%.

Unifor is fighting these business models in road transport that have become unsustainable and lead to labour abuses.

Unifor local 4003 stand in solidarity with our members campaigning for having safe rates for jobs they are doing.

For Toronto following is the schedule to join them in solidarity:

September 22, 2023 8:00 am EST

DHL 18 Parkshore Drive – Brampton, ON

Contact Sividas +14168893386

Global Safe Rates Campaign

The campaign, launched by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and its member unions, including Unifor, points to evidence that road transport drivers’ working conditions force them into dangerous on-road behaviours.

“In countries all around the world, low pay and long hours for road transport drivers aren’t just making life a misery for the workers who keep our economies moving. They are also causing carnage and death on our roads,” said Stephen Cotton, General Secretary of the International Transport Workers’ Federation.

“The Safe Rates campaign says that enough is enough. We know that when drivers are paid properly and have decent conditions, they are able to work without being forced to risk their own lives and the lives of everyone on the roads. Responsible employers know that fair and safe standards in road transport are not only good for workers; they make our whole industry safer and more sustainable.”