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Brothers and Sisters:

I am writing to let you know of a heartbreaking accident that took the life of one of our members in CN5.1-S. His name was Richard Laffin who left behind four young children and a wife.

Brother Richard Laffin was riding his motorcycle on Queen Street approaching HWY 410 when he was struck by a vehicle on May 09, 2021. The terrible accident caused demise of brother Laffin.

He has been with us working in the Intermodal yard since 2010 and was quite the character. This news is shocking, devastating and his absence will most certainly be felt in the workplace. 

In light of this terrible tragedy, there has been a gofundme page set up for Brother Laffin’s family. If you are interested in donating, you can access the site by using the following URL:

While our donations will not fill the gap he leaves behind, they will help Brother Laffin’s family to navigate the uncertain and challenging weeks and months ahead. Please consider giving generously.

In sorrow and solidarity,

Kristi Boisvert

Local Union Chair

CN 5.1 and Supplemental