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Authority of Administration

The membership is the highest authority of this Local Union and shall be empowered to take or direct any action not inconsistent with the Constitution or By-Laws.

Executive Board

Executive Board is the highest authority of the Local Union 4003 and is empowered to act on behalf of the membership to the extent urgent business requires prompt and decisive action, subject to subsequent membership approval. It consists of Unifor Local 4003 president, vice president, finance secretary, recording secretary, and chairperson trustee’s committee.


Officers in Unifor Local 4003 are comprised of Sargant at arms, guide, and local chairpersons of each unit.  

Regional Representatives

We have 3 Regional Representatives who take direction from their respective constituents and the National Council President concerning collective agreement matters. They are responsible for the negotiation of national and regional collective agreements, in cooperation with the Regional or National Bargaining Committee(s). They are responsible for drafting of contract language and administering these collective agreement(s) thereafter. Regional Representatives are responsible for the handling of grievances from their respective jurisdictions and at the final step of the grievance procedure for the life of the collective agreement, and will handle mediated and expedited arbitration for their respective jurisdictions.

Workplace Representatives

Workplace representatives consist of Chairperson of unit and committee of grievance officers for every unit of Unifor local 4003. They are responsible to represent members in their jurisdiction to protect their rights in investigations and filing of step one grievances. These units are CN5.1, CN5.1-S, CNTL, TTR, VIA-1 and VIA-2.

Trustees committee

Trustees committee consists of persons elected by members of their respective units. One from each unit represent their unit in this committee. Trustee committee choose their chairperson among themselves. The committee is responsible to submit quarterly trustee’s report to treasurer of Unifor council 4000.

Health and safety committee

Health and safety committee is responsible to make sure that members of union have been provided a safe and healthy workplace environment.

Election committee

Election committee is responsible of conducting elections and announcing results.

Constitution and bylaws committee

Constitution and bylaws committee is responsible for  updating the bylaws of local union 4003