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Call letter for Nominations to form election committee of Unifor local 4003 has been issued by president Zbigniew Slowiak on July 27, 2020.
Election committee  is to be comprised of one member and one alternate member from each unit of Unifor local 4003.
Every unit will provide its representation in election committee through election within their units. Due to COVID-19 general membership meeting is not possible until provincial regulations of Ontario don’t permit gathering of enough people. Keeping this in mind election within units for sake of choosing their member and alternate member of local election committee will be conducted by e-voting.
Nominations to choose one member and one alternate member for election committee of Unifor local 4003 is now open.
Any member in good standing can run for the position to represent its respective unit.
Nomination form can be downloaded from the link below and to be submitted at
Deadline to submit nominations is  August 16, 2020 till 2359 hrs.

Deadline to submit nomination form is over on August 16, 2020 at 1159 pm