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A special meeting of Executive board Unifor Local 4003 called in on July 20th 2020 to nominate and endorse 1st vice president of local In accordance with bylaws of Unifor local 4003 article 7 section 4.
As per Article 7 section 1, local chair persons are considered as vice presidents also. However, under section 4 of same article 1st vice president have to be named among them subject to approval by board of executives. 
The Vice president is responsible to perform duties of president  in case president is on extended leave of absence or vacate the office.
In today’s special meeting of executive board, Name of Sina Piluso Local Chairperson VIA 1 was brought forward for 1st Vice President. To get approval of executive board voting has been conducted and out of 15 present members She has been elected as Vice president by getting 13 votes in her favor.
Effective July 20th, 2020 Sina Piluso is Vice president of Unifor local 4003.