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Earlier this week both Council 4000 and Local 100 resumed negotiations with the employer this week in Montreal. Unfortunately, talks have not progressed in the way we had hoped. In consultation with the National Union, both Council 4000 and Local 100 issued strike notice to VIA Rail this evening.

It is required by law, to ensure that our strike deadline of Monday, July 11 at 00:01 hours ET is in place. This means that we will either have a collective agreement, subject to ratification, or we will be on strike as of that time.

The membership voted 99.4% in favour of strike action at Local 100 and 99.3 % in favour of strike action from Council 4000 members. These results put the employer on notice that we are all in and ready to fight for our members.

Issuing strike notice is a serious step, demonstrating the bargaining committee’s solid commitment to reaching a settlement on behalf of our members.

Strike captains are in place in every location, and they will continue to make preparations in the event that we do need to exercise our right to strike. It is critically important that members in each location across the country remain on the job until the strike deadline. Any action anywhere across the country in advance of the deadline will undoubtedly lead to the collapse of negotiations. The bargaining committee requests your full support and co-operation.

We will continue to provide updates as soon as additional information becomes available. If you have any questions about negotiations or strike preparations, please contact your bargaining committee members or strike coordinators in your respective locations.

In solidarity,

Local 100 and Council 4000 Bargaining Committees

Scott Doherty, Executive Assistant to Unifor National President